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As this blog evolves I have decided to add current images on a variety of subjects. Some of these images are shot digitally and for some I continue to use traditional 35mm film. Back in the late '70s and early '80s, I photographed a lot of bands. I did album covers and publicity shots for many mainstream musicians but I loved the alternative music scene. My current subject matter includes urban environments and anything else I find visually interesting.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Lita Ford - The Runaways

Back stage at the Whiskey 1977-78

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  1. Whoa... talk about TIME TRAVEL! Backstage at the Whiskey... YIKES! Hey Paul, you remember who else was playing that night? Man, this makes me feel sooooo old.

    I'm guessing I've gotta few years on you... Back in the mid '60s, there was an old Purple House on an "island" at the intersection of Sunset @ Laurel Canyon. At the time, Laurel split and did a "Y" around the house.

    Anyway, this was the infamous "Pandora's Box," where one could get high on the fumes if you stood outside the door (I was too young to get inside). NOT to be outdone by the CHEETAH on the old P.O.P. pier in Venice Beach; but that's a whole other story.

    Anyway, Hendrix; Brian Jones of the Stones; Jim Morrison; Buffalo Springfield; Clapton (early Cream); Eric Burdon; the Kinks & J.Airplane were all rumored to have dropped in at one time or another.

    But then it got raided by the LAPD Vice & Metro Squads (under Mayor Sam Yorty) due to all the Pot Smoking & open "dealing" of Pot & Acid on Sunset...

    Which in turn set off "the Riots on Sunset Strip" and eventually resulted in the "Box" being demolished under a Public Nuisance & "imminent domain" ordinance.

    Hmmmm. I'm really amazed I can remember it. Oh yeah, I heard IRON BUTTERFLY came by before they came out with INAGADDA-DA-VIDA.